Family owned and operated, Inspired Foods is tucked in the foothills of the beautiful Oregon Willamette Valley near Oregon’s capitol. Our passion for great tasting natural foods began with our desire to enjoy the best things in life. While offering quality products, we strive to reach markets that need personal service.

After product development, marketing and sales of Eclipse Beverages, a ready to drink carbonated tea, we expanded the use of our tea by selling it in loose leaf form in tins. Specifically themed tea tins led to specially themed chocolate bars after we discovered local well-known chocolatiers that produce chocolate bars with all natural ingredients. We began selling chocolate bars to gift shops and resorts that sold to patrons with specific interests.

The addition of chocolate to our line and a natural passion for the beverage market made all-natural sugar-free chocolate milk something we wanted to pursue when stevia (an all natural no calorie south american herb) came on the market. Thus, CHOCOLATE FANTASY was born.